So as it turns out

I didn’t get to ride today. Max, who I normally ride, has a temperature, and isn’t being used at the moment. Plus, might lose my riding privileges anyway, since riders are being sought for the last lesson of the morning.

It’s a bit of a bummer, but can understand why it’s being implemented. Was looking forward to maybe getting to canter today, but hey, ho, life goes on!

Now looking for a proper riding school. Have already emailed one place, basically saying that I used to ride, but had a long break and now need to build my confidence and skills back up again.

Thing is there aren’t that many around my area that I can easily get to without driving. Car was totalled in a accident, and haven’t gotten round to even looking at a new one yet.

Still, the stables I emailed are fairly easy to get to, and I know where they’re situated. It’s just a matter of seeing if the manager gets back to me, and if/when they do, then I could arrange to go up and see what it’s like.

But still…if I can start riding regularly again, that would be brilliant. Would miss riding Max, but at least I’d have the foundations of riding that I could build on.