Bye hair!

Got myself a hair cut today. (Sorry, no photos, since I hate seeing myself in them).

My hair wasn’t all that long to start with, but my previous pixie cut was growing out and it was just starting to look shaggy and shapeless. Plus, if my hair gets longer than shoulder level, it tends to be limp and lifeless. Although there’s a lot of it, it’s actually quite fine.

So, anyway, it’s now nice and neat again, with short layers to add volume, and a side swept fringe. I’ve had various hair cuts throughout the years, and I do prefer my hair short! I’ve got a longish face, so medium or long hair just doesn’t suit me. Used to have bobs at one point or another through the school years, but in my early twenties, I decided the shorter, the better! On me, at least.

On the bobs…well, they never really suited me. At the time, I didn’t care, because I could just grow them out again. Looking back on them now though, I’m sure there were many instances of triangle hair! Do remember one bob, where the back was really short, and the front came about half way down my face. I looked awful.

Feel free to comment with your stories of good or not so good hair cuts!