Managed to ride Max today, at the RDA. Went as I expected it to go, to be honest. The only things I do need to remember are to keep my heels down, as they tend to creep up, and also to shorten my reins every so often. The reins thing isn’t so easy when Max keeps pulling them through my fingers. One of the other volunteers gave me a pair of gloves though, so hopefully they’ll help.


So as it turns out

I didn’t get to ride today. Max, who I normally ride, has a temperature, and isn’t being used at the moment. Plus, might lose my riding privileges anyway, since riders are being sought for the last lesson of the morning.

It’s a bit of a bummer, but can understand why it’s being implemented. Was looking forward to maybe getting to canter today, but hey, ho, life goes on!

Now looking for a proper riding school. Have already emailed one place, basically saying that I used to ride, but had a long break and now need to build my confidence and skills back up again.

Thing is there aren’t that many around my area that I can easily get to without driving. Car was totalled in a accident, and haven’t gotten round to even looking at a new one yet.

Still, the stables I emailed are fairly easy to get to, and I know where they’re situated. It’s just a matter of seeing if the manager gets back to me, and if/when they do, then I could arrange to go up and see what it’s like.

But still…if I can start riding regularly again, that would be brilliant. Would miss riding Max, but at least I’d have the foundations of riding that I could build on.