Adventures in canter?

Or maybe, anyway. On Thursday I mean. I volunteer at the RDA centre on Monday mornings, and all day Thursday. Thursday is when I ride.

Before Easter break, S (the woman who’d got me riding again) asked if I’d be ready to canter next time I rode, since I’m now trotting on Max quite happily. I said that I’d try a little one. And I’m perfectly willing to, having thought about it over Easter.

Thing is, though, is I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sit to Max’s trot in order to give him the signal to canter. I’ve tried sitting to it when making the transition down to walk, and it is very difficult. I tend to just bounce in the saddle, as Max’s trot is rather active! If I do ride him, then I’ll try my hardest, but might not be very successful.

Then again, I may not be riding Max. Might be riding one of the others. Probably not B, since I’ve heard that he tends to jump into canter, which might take me by surprise. S did speculateĀ that maybe I should ride Dave, who is a very comfortable ride, apparently.

However, I do have a feeling that I will be riding Max again. If I do, then I’ll have to work out a way to sit in the saddle in order to transition to canter!


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